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9 Products Guaranteed to Help You Pack Smarter

9 Products Guaranteed to Help You Pack Smarter

In the age of checked-bag fees, weight limits and carry-on size restrictions, we’re all looking for smarter ways to pack. The good news is that there are new products introduced every day aimed at helping us travel more efficiently. And while there are gadgets galore on the market, you don’t need to empty your wallet to become a savvy packer. Some of my favorite products are simple and affordable solutions that are sure to put a little joy back in organizing for your next trip.   

SpacePak System (Flight 001 $98.00)

This set of compression bags will help you save space and organize at the same time. With separate bags for shirts, toiletries and shoes, you’ll compartmentalize your bag with room to spare. And helpful visuals on the inside of each bag show you how to fold your items for an optimal fit.   

Tech Cord Organizer (Uncommon Goods $20.00)

Between cords for the laptop, phone, iPad, portable power chargers, headphones and more, an organizer for these tech accessories is a must. There are a variety of sizes and styles to keep it all accessible and more importantly, untangled! I like these roll versions that can be easily placed in the front pocket of my carry-on or backpack.

Jewelry Roll Up (Mark & Graham $69.00)

Simply put, anything that rolls up is going to save you space in your bag. And for delicate items like jewelry, they are both protective and easy to pack in side pocket spaces. They’re space-saving during transit and are ready to go up arrival. Just unroll and hang.

Plastic Compression Bags (Eddie Bauer $15.00)

These are my go-to for re-packing when it’s time to come home. I swear that dirty clothes take up twice as much space as when you put them in fresh before your trip. With these compression bags, it’s as easy as stuffing your worn items in and pushing out the remaining air. And, voila…they’re half the size!

Hanging Toiletry Bag (REI $34.95)

These may not seem like big space savers, but they’re designed specifically for your toiletry essentials and to fit nicely into the nooks of your bag. I like versions that are small enough to bring in my backpack in case I check my bag. Always keep essentials like contacts, medications and chargers with you in case of delays or lost luggage!

Universal Adapter  (Flight 001 $35.00)

If you’re an international traveler, you know a good adapter is an essential. Gone are the days of having to purchase multiple adapters for various countries. There are numerous options that are universal in dozens of countries. I like this one from www.flight001 that covers you in pretty much any destination around the world and also includes two USB ports.  

Mini Electric Toothbrush (Amazon $19.90)

If you’re an electric toothbrush user, you know these are great at home, but a pain to travel with. They’re large and require a base to charge. Grab one of these mini versions that take AA batteries and are the perfect size for packing.

Bag Bungee (Amazon $12.99)

Ditch the balancing act of trying to prop your personal item on the top of your carry-on as you roll through the terminal. These bag bungee systems are cheap and invaluable as you navigate the concourse among hundreds of your fellow travelers.

Portable Luggage Scale (Nordstrom $29.98)

Most of us manage to weigh our luggage before we leave home, but it’s after the souvenir shopping that we get hit unexpectedly at the airport with those hefty overweight fees. Portable luggage scales will keep you from getting weighed down with the hassle of extra fees the airline check-in counter.